Security Services

Do you need private security for yourself or someone you work for? Our team is discreet, experienced, and professional with every client that we help. Whether we’re assisting with an airport transfer or are following a high-end client for a major event, we always pay attention to every last detail to provide the best experience. In addition to being highly trained, our security team is also equipped with the best technology. Having a detailed team like ours will ensure you feel safe from the moment you’re under our care and can focus on other things you need to get done.

Campus Security

School campuses for students of all ages have unique needs when it comes to security. That’s why at Blue Nite we never generalize our campus security plan. We keep things fresh and innovative by working with each individual campus to provide the most comprehensive and safe security. When the time comes to move this plan into action, each highly trained member of our team uses their experience to provide a seamless service. This provides each of our clients with peace of mind knowing that they have tight security that doesn’t require their upkeep.

Polygraph Testing and More

At Blue Nite we are known for our precision with security services, but we also provide polygraph testing, investigation services, and so much more. With polygraph testing in particular, we have the best equipment in the industry and testing experts who have gone through extensive training to do this job. Whether we’re helping a large corporation with an investigation or are helping private citizens with a personal matter, we keep our professionalism to ensure the situation is always under control. When it comes to our investigation services, clients can expect the same high standards and help that addresses their every need.

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