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Construction Site Security

The numbers are unbelievable. In cities the country over including the areas where you work careless construction site security costs the business billions of dollars a year. Ongoing investigations demonstrate that overwhelming material loss in the business raced to well over one billion dollars every year, with just about a fourth of the stolen goods at any point recouped. Furthermore, it doesn’t stop there, with copper theft proceeding to be at pandemic levels notwithstanding when costs change, and construction sites constantly an enticing objective for vandals. Tool and equipment theft alone costs the normal individual contractor worker about $20,000 per
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Top Rated Uniformed Guards in Burbank, CA

Is it true that you need contract uniformed security services? Blue Nite Protection has very prepared, professional uniformed security that can meet the majority of your security needs. Uniformed guards are the most widely recognized kind of private security guards that are utilized. Uniformed security guards can be armed or unarmed. In a few circumstances, an unarmed uniformed security guard with a baton, OC spray, or a Taser is desirable over an armed guard. Uniformed security officers are principally utilized as an obstacle to would-be culprits. Profoundly noticeable uniformed guards are the most well-known kind of security guards. These private
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